We are proud to be specialists in immersive content.  This is not only limited to the visual medium; we have produced several high end, professional podcasts including the successful John Borland Podcast and The Business Lockdown.


Our podcasts are informative, engaging, exciting and entertaining!

We work closely with our clients to create impactful podcasts, each with their own stories, perspectives and ideas to share. 


Producing bespoke, professional and visually stunning branding strategies we create podcasts that communicate personality, brand identity and concepts with highly effective and creative ideas; we create podcasts that extend the boundaries of podcasting to affect and impact all those who listen.


PINQ are proud to create content that will provide a palette of powerful engaging marketing for a wide range of your channels. We make our podcasting process as stress-free as possible.



If you’re unsure of where to start we will teach you the best ways to begin your podcasting journey, helping you with professional production techniques, advice and personal coaching.

If you’re a seasoned podcaster, we can help you ease the pain of post-production and audience building, marketing your content in effective and personalised ways.   



We are effectively a one-stop podcasting shop and will make the laborious podcasting process utterly seamless. Our creative team of experts create bespoke intros and outros. Our effective editing will ensure sharp audio, precise visual quality and much more.

PINQ handle all aspects of distribution meaning your podcasting experience will be pure conversation and interest; we will handle the action behind the scenes, keeping you updated on the process with monthly statistical reports and content for your approval.

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Get lockdown wise with over 50 hours of free content offering value and sharing support throughout the global business community.