4th to the 4th with Moodbeam

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

During October, Team PINQ decided to start a campaign called the 4th to the 4th. We wanted to create a positive campaign driven by our team to help make differences big and small in our lives and others. The idea behind 4th to the 4th is that you can build a healthy habit within approximately 60 days. So we decided to apply this to our professional and personal lives. Some of us had one goal and others many, whatever we did we wanted to at least try forming positive habits and behaviours.

To kickstart our campaign, we rallied neighbouring businesses and their staff, putting out the word about it through social media and flyers. We wanted to incorporate something interesting, innovative and new into the campaign and decided to work with Moodbeam.

Moodbeam’s story is incredibly inspiring: starting from the plight of a young girl and mother (Founder Christina Colmer McHugh) to a global business spurred on by passionate people who want to help improve mental health. Moodbeam started with Christina’s concern about her daughter’s situation at school: she wanted to find a way to understand how her daughter was feeling. From this, the idea of Moodbeam came about. With no knowledge on anything tech based, Christina sought advice elsewhere. Having talked about it with Jonathan (Founder and Director), she realised she had someone who could help her develop her idea. A Moodbeam device works in conjunction with an app on smart phones to help track moods.

Christina and business partner Jonathan Elvidge provided the PINQ team with Moodbeams to track our moods during our 4th to the 4th campaign. We hit the ground running with some, literally jogging, others going to bed and waking up earlier along with improved diets to name a few healthy habits implemented.

Throughout the campaign we had interesting experiences uploading photos and videos onto a dedicated communal Facebook page supporting each other and tracking our progress.

We also had the support and guidance of a professional trainer and health coach in David Mankel and Gemma Gibson.

Gemma CG David Mankel

Gem (Social Media and Development Lead): “I have realised that I wasn’t always mindful of when I was in a negative mind frame. It impacted my life slightly as I became a little more mindful when I was dealing with a negative headspace. It was comfortable to wear and was very discreet: many people wanted to know what it was.”

Beth (Visual Creator): “When I started using moodbeam I thought that I was quite unhappy and wasn’t sure why. However, whilst using Moodbeam I would get my alerts to log my mood and think: I’d usually end up choosing yellow. Occasionally I would press blue and would look for patterns. Moodbeam has definitely reminded me that I’m not sad all the time: this is turn changes how you think about your Moodbeam even when you’re not wearing it”.

James (Creative Director): “We can all be guilty of being too busy and letting life pass us by on a daily basis: it’s shown me to be more present in the moment and acknowledge the people and surroundings at the time. As a team it was great to share how we were taking on a healthy campaign whether that be increased exercise, cutting out unhealthy foods and improving our routines”.

Phil (Managing Director): “Everyday I’m busy and on the go; being a father of 3 kids I rarely take time out to think about how I’m feeling. A couple of days after using the Moodbeam, I noticed when I wasn’t happy and why: I could put it down to work related stress. With this in mind, I decided to start taking a little time out to be reflective and go over my thoughts. This has helped me greatly in both my personal and professional life”.

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