A Minute With Gem

We recently caught up with our Copywrite, Research, and Development Lead for a Q&A check out what she had to say below-

Which is your fav brand and why?

My favourite brand has to be benefit, I love how quirky their packaging is (I’m a sucker for cool packaging!), I get amazing value from their socials with great tutorials and tips for better use of their products. They have their brand voice down to a tee and they speak to their audience to be it through digital, traditional or disruptive techniques.

What could you not work without?

Coffee and chocolate!

Fun fact about yourself?

I talk, A LOT and I’m not sorry.

Apple or Android?

Apple...although I’m contemplating switching to Android because Apple are letting the side down!

Who’s your hero?

I don’t have a hero but Marilyn Monroe, she was truly incredible, and I love her look.

What motivates you?

My children are my reason for everything I do, my drive to succeed and obsession with personal growth and development, my desire to retire on the beach in Australia at 55 and finally, Gary Vaynerchuk makes me believe I am unstoppable!

What’s your saying?

‘I’m on one’ or ‘We’ve got this team’

3 words to describe you?

Energetic, Outgoing and Feisty.

How has your time been so far at PINQ?

It’s been a whirlwind, there have been some amazing days and somewhere it’s been a tad stressful but so worth it! I feel lucky to be surrounded by some seriously awesome people.

Favourite project?

I am loving the process with Okaa-San, a brand launch is huge and there are so many elements for us to get our teeth stuck into...the buzz of seeing our ideas and hard work come to fruition is incredible.

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