A Minute With James

Which is your fav brand and why?

Nike – I prefer their style compared to other competitor brands.

What could you not work without?

My Bose Soundsport Bluetooth headphones/earbuds. They accompany me when exercising, allow me to multi-task when cleaning, for example, listening to a business seminar. Hands free calls whilst on the move and their quality is incredible.

Fun fact about yourself

I travelled the world taking a mate’s spider man fancy dress outfit with me in which I wore it sky diving, bungee jumping, stood on a tower at the great wall of China to name a few escapades!

Apple or Android

Both for very different reasons. I take advantage of both strengths. I’m not an avid Apple warrior for example and won’t hear anything bad said about the brand.

Who’s your hero?

Steve Irwin – an absolute legend of a man and a guy I met travelling called Carlos, an 86 year old backpacker who was a true inspiration and a shining star!

What motivates you?

Failure & Success in equal measure.

What’s your saying?

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.”

3 words to describe you?

Adventurous - Driven – Sociable

How has your time been so far at PINQ?

A journey of building a team, a business and clients it serves. Every day is different with a variety of challenges and successes.

Favourite project?

Tech Expo Humber with Resolve – To be working in our cities new state of the art arena for the cities first event it’s kind interviewing a wide range of people from Hull City Council to Hull University.

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