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We recently hosted business mentor Jonathan Leafe on The Business Lockdown as part of a weekly series. Jonathan is not only a trailblazer but an incredible inspiration for those starting, continuing or even concluding their business journey. We take a look back at the four episodes we recorded with Jonathan, released every Wednesday on The Business Lockdown.

Business Mentor Jonathan Leafe

Long Term Value

Jonathan was ahead of the curve when he started his own digital agency business in 1989, utilising techniques that were revolutionary at that point in online marketing’s infancy. Jonathan built an incredibly successful business before moving on to mentorship, priding himself in helping others and putting his clients’ interests before his own. Jonathan finds value in the long-term relationships he creates with his clients and tells us that this long-term commitment is worth so much more than a short term pay off.

Jonathan is a multitalented individual whose expertise extends the conventions of a one-hour podcast. Therefore, this is part one of four conversations we will have with Jonathan. In this particular chat, we cover the importance of resilience, Jonathan's journey from a musician to a manager and then to a marketer and business consultant. We also cover the lessons that history can teach us, and on a lighter note evaluate some famous conspiracy theories.

You can view “Long Term Value” here


Resilience is currently at its most important. You will have been tested and challenged in lockdown, either from a personal or business perspective.

We are once again joined by business consultant and trailblazer Jonathan Leafe in the first part of a three-part series to talk about the fundamentals of resilience

Jonathan tells us the key things that people can do to build resilience, including working on your body and mind, staying away from ‘energy vampires’ who will inject negative energy into your life and keeping an open mind. Jonathan tells us how to be resilient in a time where it is needed more than ever.

Join us to discover how to become resilient with expert advice from Jonathan, whose techniques and mentorship are widely regarded through his own business, Leafe Consultancy.

You can view “Resilience” here

Personality Types: Monkey or Lion?

Jonathan has the amazing ability to understand and guide many clients, and we talk about the different personality types and his preferences through his mentorship.

Jonathan tells us that the best time to start a business is now and that the best businesses are built out of recession. Jonathan is a powerful reminder that opportunity, even in this crisis, is everywhere. Our last episode was centred on the theme of resilience, and this theme shines through in Jonathan’s mindset: opportunities are still to be found, and as our business journey develops, we can find ways of making lockdown work for us.

We also chat about the opportunities that will be found coming out of lockdown, and what we miss. After the lockdown, we can all return to normality and enjoy what we used to with a new perspective on what we had. Once we get through this lockdown together, we can move forward with a newfound peace. We will find new opportunities and our journey will continue to develop.

You can view "Personality Types: Monkey or Lion?" here

Retreating to The Core

This conversation focused on the idea of retreating to the core of your ideas; re-evaluation and focus on the core values of your business, it's service and products, as well as clients are the fundamentals of the continuation of success.

We discuss simple methods you can carry out to ensure a fresh and exciting business strategy, and unorthodox ways of keeping this newfound freshness; Jonathan tells us that pitches are a thing of the past, and the best way to develop a great relationship with a client is through the business you do together in the long Jonathan's experience, If a client wants to work with you, and you want to work with them, then there is no need for a pitch! This source of genuine interest will ensure that you and your clients achieve their maximum potential.

We also discuss how returning to your core values can actually create new ideas, and how the return to a normal will in-fact be different; the lockdown has led to many business owners and entrepreneurs rethinking their strategy. We will all come out of this stronger together as lockdown has provided us with a retreat to the core, whether we like it or not! Jonathan, through his expertise, shows us how to use this to our advantage. You can view “Retreating to The Corehere

The New World

Growth may seem impossible. We have been locked down for so long, that the idea of business growth could be seen as a fantasy. Jonathan Leafe returns to The Business lockdown once again to show us how to turn this fantasy into reality: we learn from the business guru the best ways of growing your network, strengthen long term relationships with your existing clients and how to generate up to 50% more revenue from said clients.

Jonathan tells us how to come out of lockdown on top, and how to build value in lockdown and strategize the ‘new world’. If we think about what the new world will need, we can create opportunity. We can strengthen our existing value with clients by providing value in these tough times, and this will not only help each other’s mental wellbeing but also provide long term benefits.

We will inevitably face obstacles and challenges in our business journey. Jonathan helps us see this crisis as just another challenge ready for us to overcome and tells us how to not only overcome this challenge but turn it into a solution.

You can view “The New World” here

Thanks once again to Jonathan Leafe for being an incredible guest, consistent with his brilliant advice and commitment. If you are interested in pursuing his brilliance even further, check out his website at If you want to join our value-driven global community, go to to be taken to The Business Lockdown Facebook group, where we post resources, value and positivity every day.

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