Another Minute With James

We checked back in with our Creative Director James and asked a few more questions:

What are you most proud of?

Best man at my mate Jack’s wedding, the Spiderman fancy dress costume I

mentioned in the previous Q&A blog was worn as part of the speech.

Working with FEO (For Entrepreneurs Only) leading a business masterclass

day at the secondary school I attended: holding a talk and holding a position of positive influence and inspiration! Going back to the place

where I struggled with education in the main part to experience a

positive event was really awesome.

And of course, how our Team PINQ’ has risen to the challenge under

such tough and uncertain times (COVID19) has been an incredibly proud

experience. Where and when are you the most creative?

In the sunshine in terms of setting, on a personal level when I’m in my flow of healthy diet (Intermittent fasting)and early morning daily gym sessions. I find more focus, energy and drive. Motivation is great, however, it comes and goes. The drive is what will carry you through, and makes you run through the brick walls of challenges that appear! What’s your favourite book?

'The Game: Undercover in the secret society of pickup artists' by Neil Strauss - I don’t read books and post-school have only picked up a handful that I’ve completed from cover to cover. I can’t read fiction; it has to be a biography of someone I find interesting with a story to tell.

‘The Game’ is about a journalist who goes undercover into the world of pick up artists. My career was in behavioural assessment and the book is really interesting when it comes to human behaviours. The author finds himself living in a Hollywood mansion, Courtney Love moving in with him and his mates as they hold seminars with people travelling in to attend from all over the USA! I was handed the book by a Spaniard, from Mallorca on a hostel rooftop in Mexico City when I was travelling years ago. He raved about this book and told me I must read it.

He was leaving for 3 days and would return so I had 3 days to read a book, which I did!

(Available here:

What’s your favourite film?

Forrest Gump! Love it, a guy with many adventures and stories to tell.

What’s your hidden talent?

I love to DJ and proud to be a core member/director of Ǝ L E M E N T S, a global collective of DJ’s/Artists. We put on global electronic music events. Although I’m not so sure it’s a talent that would be classed as hidden!

How are you finding working from home?

I Love it, having worked digitally and remotely for years. I love the flexibility and freedom. I was based at an amazing co-living /co-working space in Taghazout, Morocco, called Sun Desk over October-December last year.

The digital nomad lifestyle and community is really cool with more and more individuals and businesses exploring this way of working.

How do you express yourself? I’m sure many would say ‘LOUDLY!'.

My favourite thing is meeting people all around the world with a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds, cultures etc. When I’m in the sunshine it’s a 20% - 30% power up on my day before I’ve even begun. I think you can better express yourself by being in the best possible environment as often as possible.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

I do love the benefits of getting out of bed early and attacking the day, hitting exercise and energising. I also like the night time when overseas, especially when travelling: it can be the most fun time of the day, spending time with others in social environments.

If you had to write a book, what would it be about?

‘Acknowledging Others' - ‘Power Up On Your Day’

The difference it can make to you and those you acknowledge. A simple nod to a stranger at a set of traffic lights, a smile or a thumbs-up as you pass a stranger whilst out jogging, meeting a random dog in the street and having a quick chat to their owner and of course with lots of belly rubs (to the dog, not the owner!).

I’m a big believer that 8+ times a day where you consciously acknowledge someone can have a really positive impact on lots outside of those mini moments.

What is your favourite Team PINQ memory?

Our ‘Team PINQ’ Zoom quiz for our Creative Copywriter and Social Media Management team member Ioan’s birthday.

So much fun and brought the team even closer together. Literally tears rolling down people’s faces with jaw ache from so much laughter!

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