Ignition Competition: our £6,000 Global Giveaway (Closed)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

During our short time hosting The Business Lockdown we have been moved by its response and the value provided; we have given over 40 interviewees collectively over £20,000 of free high-value content throughout the pandemic. We have connected with and reached thousands of people as part of the Business Lockdown, and now we want to do this even more!

To do this we have launched a global competition that offers a huge amount of value to those who have created pillar content. These include, but are not limited to:



A Main Brand Video

A Launch Party Video

An Event Video



A Homepage Video

We are running this amazing giveaway from the 29th of May to The 25th of June. If you win, you will receive £500 worth of marketing strategy.

We have teamed up with Move Ahead Media to give value to everyone who enters, regardless of their success in the competition. upon entering, you will receive a free Search Engine Optimisation or Ad Set audit. This applies to every single entrant and if you are successful will receive this along with the top prize.

These include:

An SEO Video Audit: A video that looks at the key SEO fundamentals of your website and recommendations that you can implement immediately.

AdWords Audit: A Google premier partner offering that gives insight to missed opportunities, detailed analysis of current results and recommendations.

UX/UI Audit: Using Google’s mobile UX/UI, Move Ahead Media will Identify the factors that affect your mobile site performance, give recommendations to improve how your site looks and interacts on mobile and give mobile users the best experience when visiting your site.

Website Audit: To Identify site elements that are affecting your digital marketing, identify maintenance elements that need implementing and identify security elements that are causing risk.


We are giving away £6000 worth of marketing: 12 prizes valued at £500 each. We’ll be announcing 3 winners every Friday in the month of June. Winners will be announced on Facebook Live following an email notification. Make sure you have joined our Facebook group, so you don’t miss out on these announcements via

This amazing prize will give you the push your content needs to ignite and explode and can increase the visibility of your content by a large margin.

We will take your video, podcast or any other form of pillar content, strip it down into micro-videos to promote them on a variety of platforms – taking your content and exploding it further!

To Enter

For your chance to ignite and explode your pillar content and work with a dedicated team of experts, all you have to do is fill out the competition entry form at

It’s that easy! We look forward to your submissions.

Here is a list of all the competition winners! We enjoyed every single step of the competition.

Lasercroft -

Using expert knowledge and experience, Lasercroft is a Resin Flooring application company, specialising in hygienic, protective and high-quality flooring. They support local initiatives and have an active blog, posting useful and interesting insight into their industry; “want to know more about resin flooring?” is the most recent example of this, which you can view here.

Andrea Lea Fitness & Lifestyle -

From luscious retreats in Taghazout to personal training in your own home, Andrea Lea is nothing short of a true professional in fitness and lifestyle! Andrea is dedicated to helping people become fit and healthy, combining personal training and passion in her mentorship to become more than just a personal trainer. Andrea has written many incredible blogs, such as “Why You Keep Failing” which you can view here. Andrea provides an amazing platform for those looking to improve at a time where this can be challenging.

Dean Grimshawe Performance Coach -

Dean Grimshawe is dedicated to building the mindset of the warrior and will work with you to stop at nothing until this is achieved. He runs Work in Progress, a brilliant podcast focusing on personal development. No matter what that entails for his guests, their experience gives value to anyone looking to better themselves. You can view his inspiring podcast via

Helen Blaydes - Coach. -

Helen is a coach who is dedicated to “empowering people to discover their own way of doing life better”. She is a specialist in personal growth, business coaching, workplace wellness, coaching career transitions, bereavement and loss and emotional and mental health. Health and wellbeing are very central to the world we occupy, and this coupled with business coaching is a powerful combination.

Dave Bushnell – WhatsOnHub -

A one-stop shop to lockdown entertainment and knowledge, what’s on hub is the ultimate guide to online webinars, tips and articles to help you connect with your family, friends and yourself in lockdown. It also tells you what will be on after lockdown, for example, the article written by Dave Bushnell himself titled “Simply Red Announce Extra Dates for UK Tour which can be read here:

Dog Furiendly

A great and fun search engine, dog furiendly allows you to search for dog-friendly places and events across the UK, allowing you to find useful lists of places to take our furry companions. They also run an amazing blog section on their website, with useful guides, the lastest of which is “Our Guide to Finding the Best Hoover For Dog Hair” – a nightmare I’m sure those of us with dogs can relate to!

The Jive Aces -

A Jive and swing band that has over 35k followers on Facebook, The Jive Aces were Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists in 2012! They have jammed with Jools Holland and achieved an incredible music presence in the world of jive and swing.

The Ki Retreat -

A Reiki healing and meditation retreat in Manchester, The Ki Retreat takes a unique view on healing with their use of individual empowerment - they offer a variety of holistic therapies, treatments and courses on their website.

Soufiane Boulahyaoui…/UCupfTygOJBgq3sdk4tdi…

An energetic and entertaining YouTuber, Soufiane Boulahyaoui is interested in capturing the beauty of culture, people and travel. Based in Morocco, every video provides you with unique insight into the positives of human togetherness.

Dixiebird Records -

Dixiebird Records are “Theatrical Vintage Music & Entertainment Specialists” who look to the past and invoke vintage and nostalgia to provide amazing entertainment. They have a deep passion for connecting audiences via quality music entertainment and use high end theatrical and audio equipment to do this.

The Crosby Collective -

"The Crosby Collective exists to provide a platform that enables dreamers and doers to develop their vision for the world they want to create" and this is apparent from a dive into their beautifully designed website - by providing a space for unlimited creativity, The Crosby Collective live up to the idea that they "endeavour to support and develop business, ideas and innovation".

Nu Wave Apparel -

An interesting mix of an ethical podcast and clothing store, Nu Wave Apparel strives to achieve more than a conventional fashion brand would - They ask the question "What if you could dream while you were awake?" and project a nautical brand identity that caters to " the people who know that life begins underwater" You can also view their podcast here:…/id15081157…

We look forward to igniting and exploding your content, and we hope all entrants enjoy their free audit from global visibility experts Move Ahead Media!

Do You Have A Rookie Mentality?

Are you prepared with a start-up philosophy in mind if you’ve ventured into a new platform with your business?

Yes, you might be killing it on Facebook and you might be killing it on Instagram. But, if you’ve just started up on TikTok, have the ability and the grace to embrace that rookie mentality. It is a slow burner; it requires patience in order to grow.

If you want us to help you grow, and take your content further to a wider audience, making more of an impact, enter our competition!

The rookie mentality is an essential step to evolving! We can help your evolution by igniting and exploding your content – giving you the spark you need to jump out of the rookie stage and improve your content. Give it a go – don’t let your content become stale! Experimenting with your ideas is a key part of your development from a rookie to an expert.

To kickstart this development, enter our ignition competition at Good luck!

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