Power of The Podcast Part 1: How To Start

The podcast is one of the fastest-growing methods of communicating ideas. This should not be surprising to many people: the conversation is the most widely practised and oldest form of gaining knowledge, exploring ideas and philosophising the world itself.

However, it may be in times like this, under lockdown, we look to the humble podcast as one of the more important ways of engaging with people and learning about each other; we are isolated in a world of consuming fast-paced content. With more time than ever to consume such media, many people are getting tired of the sensory assault that may come with watching a large number of films or TV shows.

Now is the best time to sit down, relax and listen; listen to one another, listen to what the world has to say. The podcast is the most effective way of doing this; many are purely auditory, meaning all you have to do to learn is listen!

So, why not share what you have to say with others, and listen to what people have to say? Starting with the basics, we want to show you how you can make your own podcast, and why this simple yet effective means of communicating and sharing effort is helping us to connect to one another in a time where we need community and interaction the most.

How to start

The best place to start with a podcast is asking yourself ‘What do I have to say?’ The core of a great podcast is a unique perspective, idea or personality that will draw people in and sustain a platform. If you have something unique to offer to your listeners, you will build a core audience of dedicated followers who will engage with your content.

Building this community will allow you to learn more and better the experience for your audience.

The concept of your podcast has to be strong. You should be specific in your subject.

Think about your passions, your interests, and your experience, and be willing to learn more about your concept as the podcast develops: Episode 10 will only look great because episode 1 was not! Take the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – Here is what episode #1 looked like:

Here’s episode #1466:

Anyone can start a podcast. The technical requirements are very low, and everyone has a story to tell.

The best way to start your podcast is to choose a topic you are passionate about. Find a niche if you want to stand out or follow your passions if you want to contribute to a topic. You could ask your peers if they would be interested in making an appearance for your first few guests, or fellow enthusiasts of your chosen topic.

People love to discuss their passions, so put the spotlight on them. This will be great in establishing a format; use these first few episodes to find your feet and become comfortable with the podcast.

Choosing the tile of your podcast is important – it will represent your podcast and should encapsulate your podcast identity. You can use your own name, your brand’s name or your topic in your title. Try and come up with a short and catchy title to ensure memorability.

The first step is the hardest but simultaneously the most exciting.

In taking this step you can work towards a great podcast journey and work towards connecting people with the power of your podcast.

Our next blog will dive into the specifics of the podcast, detailing the software and hardware needed.

Good luck!

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