Power of The Podcast Part 3: Hardware and Power.

Possibly the most off-putting aspect of podcasting, the world of audio equipment may seem

daunting to someone with no experience.

Do not let this aspect of podcasting disengage your interest! Here is a handy guide to choosing the right equipment.

1. Create a budget: In today’s podcasting environment, there is no need for a big budget. You

can produce a high-quality podcast for a low cost. Work out how much you can afford to

spend on equipment, if you can afford a slightly more expensive podcast, it will produce

higher fidelity content. However, a high cost is not essential to a successful podcast.

2. Microphone: An essential piece of equipment. We recommend a high-quality microphone.

This will be your most expensive piece of equipment. Search amazon for a microphone

around £50 - £80 that has a USB connection, such as the Samson Q2U.


3. Boom arm: This is to elevate your microphone and allows you to adjust its position for

comfort. These are cheap (around £20) and make all the difference.

4. Shock mount: To limit noise when you inevitably bump into your boom arm or desk! These

go around the microphone to reduce impact sounds. You can find these for around £20.

Some include pop filters. At their cheapest, these can be found for around £10 or less.

5. Windscreen/pop filter: This is to reduce distortion when using plosions, a percussive sound

with emphasis on “p” and “b” sounds. These words can distort, and a windscreen stops this.

This item is not essential but can give you the edge you may be missing when it comes to

sound quality. You can pick these up for around £5.

If you go the extra mile and invest what you can, your podcast will sound professional and high quality. Of course, the microphone is the most essential piece of equipment and so we recommend spending the most on this.

You do not need to spend a large amount of money for a good sounding podcast!

The Power of The Podcast

In isolation, we feel the need for connection more than ever. Now is the time to connect with one another and share this connection with others. We can connect with one another with the podcast format in the easiest way we know how: talking and listening to one another.

We are at a point in our existence that we can forget to do this simple step. We can be too caught up in our personal lives to take a step back and listen to what others have to say. A podcast allows this in the best way: relax, put your headphones in and learn.

We are connecting people through our work on The Business Lockdown, a podcast that has so far at the time of writing connected over 60 guests with a global community of over 600 people. Through the power of the internet, we are connecting a community in a time where this is physically impossible; The Business Lockdown seeks to connect and learn from one another in this time of crisis.

We believe in the power of people and their perspective. We have hosted a range of guests, such as clairvoyant meditation leader Vernon Frost and Faithless founding member Jamie Catto! We hope that such a wide range of stories and journeys will inspire our audience in a time of widespread stress and uncertainty.

Through our message of “Stronger Together” The Business Lockdown aims to bring a global community together at a time where it is needed most.

People are turning to podcasts as an alternative form of recreation; there are such a large number of podcasts that there can be something for everyone. Whatever you seek to gain from podcasts, be it information or entertainment, a fusion of the both or just to relax, there are many options when it comes to what to listen to and what to produce.

This auditory form of entertainment can benefit your social drives, the need to entertain and the need to learn all at once.

Create a podcast. Learn. Connect. The power of the podcast is in its ability to connect you and your audience with one another, and its ability to create a space for knowledge and growth.

It is this development that furthers our own abilities and reconnects us with the universal desire to learn more about the world we occupy.

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