Random Act Of Kindness day- Creative Director James Ash

On Random Act Of Kindness Day, our Creative Director James shared with us his most recent act. While living in Turkey he came across a group of well-dressed college students who asked for money for something to eat. But instead of giving them money he gave them value.

While carrying on his walk he came across 3 different people who gave value in different ways, each giving something that helped spread more kindness.

The first being two young guys who were playing drums using some paint pots and were really good. James got some coins out of his pocket and passed them over.

When sat in a restaurant there was a small girl selling 5 roses, so he brought all 5 giving 4 of them to the table next to him. Which in turn brought James and his friend a beer.

The last one was a blind guy who was selling mints, it worked out at 50p a packet. He gave him the money and held his hand. Which created a lovely moment and made him really appreciate what the guy was doing.

Inspired by James actions, as a team, we took action by sharing notes of kindness around our offices-

Read the content of the video below-

So I’ve been encouraged by my team this morning at PINQ to record this video,

We watched a Gary V video this morning based on value, your true value, your true worth

And after a video, we always talk about how that relates, our feedback on that, within our clients within the business, personal stories…

And I spoke about a story from Saturday. So I was in Izmir, a city in Turkey on Saturday

And I was approached by 5 or 6 20-year-olds, late teens early 20’s and literally the guy said: “Can I stop you for a minute, would you mind giving me some money so we can eat?”

At which point I was just like “Look, life’s not that easy, it’s just not that easy. What do you guys do, what value can you add to people?”

And we started having a conversation with them, but one of the guys kind of walked away and was laughing

And I was just like “You’ve stopped me here and I’m trying to help you. I could have just said no and walked off which wouldn’t do anything but I’m trying to help you here”

And I was talking to the guys about, you know, life’s not that easy, it’s not just about holding your hand out and asking people for money

And they were speaking about “You know, but we’re hungry now… we’re just thinking of now.”

And I said, “That’s the problem, if you’re thinking the same tomorrow then you’re just thinking of the now.”

“What is the long game? What is the long-term value that you can offer to people?”

You know, trying to point out to these kids that life’s not that easy and you’ve got more to give

And then me and my friend walked a little bit further and there are these two lads playing drums

On two old paint pots and they were really good!

And it was like, look, I remember pointing out saying “Tell me you’re just going to hold your hands out and ask for money for the sake of it,

And you’ve got two young lads sat there drumming.”

So I went straight into my pocket and gave them money.

There was a young girl selling roses who came into the restaurant. She had 5 roses, so I bought all 5 off her and gave 4 to the next table.

Who we’re really thankful and then the next table bought us a beer each and then we started having a conversation which was lovely.

And then there was a blind guy who was selling mints, it worked out like 50p a packet or whatnot

So I gave him more money and held his hand and we had a lovely moment and just appreciating what he was doing.

And you’ve got young kids just kind of asking for money when there are people out there really trying to sell and whatnot.

In summary, in this busy lifestyle, we lead it is too easy for us to get caught up in the day to day cycle! Especially when it comes to marketing, let's be honest we are regularly looking for the end goal or result, continually improving, rearranging and implementing strategies. How wonderful to just enjoy the beauty of other humans smile as you make their day.

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