Team PINQ's Week of Guided Meditation

The stress associated with uncertainty in the COVID-19 pandemic has caused our brains to go into overdrive, constantly straining to find answers and security. With mental health awareness week occurring earlier last month, we want to continue the awareness and let our audience know the importance of a clear headspace and a relaxed state.

This time for awareness cannot come at a better time, as the importance of mental health is now critical; our work with Andy’s Man Club on The Business Lockdown furthers our awareness of this importance and we wanted to extend this by providing a way to build mental relaxation.

Our Creative Director James and Copywrite Ioan joined a free meditation with clairvoyant Vernon Frost, who later appeared on The Business Lockdown and guided our team through an amazing group meditation, reading our thought patterns and healing us through the power of relaxation of consciousness. We agreed that we would undertake a week of mediation and record our results.

Mediation is a simple and easy way to take a step back and relax our mind. To use the free meditation we had the fortune of receiving from Vernon, head to The Business Lockdown group here: All you need to do is sit comfortably, preferably with headphones and let the meditation guide you to a more relaxed and aware state of consciousness.

Here’s what happened!

Beth – At the start of this exercise, it was my first attempt at mediation ever! To make it even better, I was taking part in an online group meditation with Vernon Frost and my colleges. Being in a group setting and being led definitely helped me as I have a very short attention span.

I found the meditation very relaxing and I enjoyed being able to just focus on Vernon’s voice for a while. I struggled with pushing out other thoughts, although I have been assured this is something that comes with time.

The next meditation was a bit of a challenge. I was moving to a new house and taking 20 minutes wasn’t my main priority! However, I made sure I took the time to meditate and found I struggled to focus. In the next few days, I found meditating to be a lot more relaxing and calmer than previous attempts. I learnt not to feel defeated when I catch myself thinking about something when I’m meditating like what I’m cooking for tea or where I’m going to visit once lockdown is over!

Towards the end of the week, I meditated in the office for a change. I felt all the stress being released into that room; leaving this space meant I could enjoy the rest of my day without work worries playing on my mind.

Reflecting on my week, the main positives I took was the importance of resetting for the evening.

I find the meditation sessions really relaxing and, especially by the end of the week, I have found myself a lot more able to shut off and really relax, being able to press pause my work thoughts and play my home thoughts.

I’m very big on self-growth and self-improvement and I already do have a lot of practices in place to help me live the most stress-free and relaxed life I can. I go on daily walks (having a spaniel keeps me accountable for this!), I don’t drink caffeine after 4 pm and I don’t eat after 8 pm. I get a good amount of sleep and I know when I need to reduce/ increase commitments.

I don’t think I will continue to meditate daily after this week, but I definitely will use mediation as a relaxation tool for when it’s all getting a bit much and I need to reset, which isn’t something I would have considered before! Thank you, Vernon!

Gem - Having spent a number of years using guided meditation at home it was incredible to connect with Vernon and to feel so moved by our initial team session with him.

I have always found daily meditation to be a great source of relaxation for my overactive mind, I almost crave it to ground and reset myself.

I was incredibly taken aback after our first session with Vernon as I have never participated in a live guided meditation before so found the insight he gained and the level of relaxation and the state of calm to be one that I have never managed to achieve on my own before.

Following the initial session, I then spent a week using that and various other recorded meditation sessions by Vernon that we were privy to. I found that with each session as I increased my meditation time, I felt much more relaxed and in tune with my core as the days went on. My mindset altered rapidly, and I found myself feeling a better sense of clarity and had less head fog of an evening after busy days.

The most poignant moments for me were the incredible sense of floating and elevated levels of visuals I saw with each session, at the beginning of the week I had some momentary senses of floatation and had seen some vivid colours but not for any great length of time.

By the end of the week, this was happening rapidly at the start of the sessions and continuing throughout ford what certainly felt like a large proportion of the duration. I have also noticed that I began to sleep more deeply again if I meditated in the evening before bed which has been a great help in ensuring I am well-rested.

I have found that taking this commitment to meditate frequently again has helped me to get back into the habit of daily meditation after a natural break had occurred due to a change in circumstance during the Covid-19 lockdown. This couldn’t have come at a better time and I have found this to be an invaluable tool to use to aid my mental and spiritual health throughout a time of increased stresses and strains that are out of the ordinary in everyday life.

Ioan – At the start of the week of meditation, I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards. The overwhelming sense of clarity meant I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. As I got used to this feeling my meditations became deeper and deeper, to the point whereas I got so used to it I couldn’t hear my own breathing.

Towards the middle of the week, I found myself tackling issues whilst meditating, using the headspace to resolve thoughts that came into my head during the clarity. This space and time was useful to tackle these issues, taking a step back and putting things into perspective with a clear head.

As the week ended, I felt myself looking forward to the newfound time for clearing my mind, thinking in a more aware state and feeling refreshed. Looking back on my week, it's easy to see the attitude towards meditation change; the transition from meditation as a task to meditation as a stress relief occurred to me around the halfway mark.

I think I’ll be inclined to meditate more often after this week, as the benefits have been clear. It’s unclear whether I need meditation as an essential way of maintaining my mental health, but it has definitely helped me relax and focus on my own thoughts. This time is a more effective, productive and interesting way of relaxing than my usual methods (for example annoying the living daylights out of my sister!).

I think meditating was a good way to set up steps towards working for better headspace and mental health, as it allowed a clear space and section in my day for dealing with any issues that might have gotten me down either that day, that week or any unresolved issues I had floating around in my head.

Rob - Throughout the course of the week doing meditation for the first time in my life, I must say it was quite a strange experience. As the days went by, I felt more confident in my ability to relax my body and bring myself to a relative ‘peace’.

I do not know for sure if I’ll upkeep the meditation on a daily basis, but I know for sure in times of stress I will be using mediation to calm me down and undo the tension that my body has worked up.

As you can see, a week of mediation affected us all differently. It is recommended to help you relax, slow down and unwind. With mediation, we can take time to reflect and help ourselves find a newfound peace.

If you want to view our group mediation, to either view our session or meditate along with us, head over to The Business Lockdown Facebook group here: to relax and repair your mind.

To realise the magnitude of Vernon's powerful healing facilitation we would like to share with you the below feedback Vernon has received recently:

“Vernon, the only way I can describe you is as an energy magician! The online sessions are so powerful and very interesting to experience the changes in the days' answers thereafter. It literally takes me days to fully recover.”

Thank you to Vernon Frost and his international organiser Di for joining us on The Business Lockdown and providing us with invaluable meditation techniques!

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