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#TheBiggestHint – Viking FM Alex & Ellie set up a listener campaign this week to help one lucky listener drop a MASSIVE hint to her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day as part of their ‘East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire’s Biggest Hint Campaign’. Lauren told Alex & Ellie that she’s desperate for Darren, her boyfriend to buy her a coffee machine for Valentine’s Day tomorrow… Lauren’s only issue is that Darren literally cannot take a hint. Step in Alex & Ellie, who decided to help…. along with some fellow advocates of point-blank bluntness!

Alex & Ellie first took matters into their own hands in their crusade to assist Laurens quest, by creating a radio Ad on a loop saying ‘Darren, Lauren wants a coffee machine for Valentine’s Day’ over and over, playing it amongst their paid radio ads. They then took it a little further and created a jingle to go alongside this, it’s hilarious you’ll have to listen out for it tomorrow morning!

Of course, with us being in the North, our incredible community spirit came into play with the kind folks at Princes Quay Shopping Centre jumping in to offer a helping hand….one of their awesome digital boards now has the message plastered across it, Alex & Ellie even took a trip down to check it out.

Image Credit: 96.9 Viking FM Facebook

Things then escalated somewhat further, with the team at Wold Outdoors giving them some space on their (massive) Phoenix Board on the A63. As you can see, its unbelievably subtle, Darren really had better get quick on the uptake! With 48,000 people passing the Phoenix in one day alone and their weekly traffic passing sitting at HALF A MILLION in a week, at this point we’re pretty sure that SOMEONE will know who Darren is and help the poor lad out!

It then all got extra crazy, with Alex & Ellie managing to rope in local football superstar and hero Mr. Dean Windass himself into uploading a Twitter video on his account, telling Darren exactly what he needs to get Lauren... it’s pretty blunt as you’ll see.

Now we know this is all in great jest, however, let’s take a moment to look at the pure genius behind this! Firstly, we know that many might view radio as ‘old hat’, but clearly, it’s still highly effective form of marketing, with the impression this local radio breakfast show has had upon a community so plain to see. Their ‘think outside the box’ approach is so much fun and has sure set tongues wagging!

Next up, we can’t help but love the community spirit here, we love it when a plan comes together, this is going to vastly become a talking point for all businesses involved here, something that started out as a radio discussion has snowballed into one massive campaign, that on a local scale at the very least will sure be the topic of conversation for some time.

The clever part here is that obviously these other businesses will benefit from their businesses being discussed as buzz continues, bringing brand awareness and leaving their mark on the local community, all in the name of love (be it of coffee more than anything!) Now all that remains to be seen, is if poor Lauren actually gets her coffee machine after all... Let’s just hope Darren doesn’t get confused and buy Lauren a cafetière instead!

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